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  • 29 Oct 2022


Arsenal 8 Squat Rack- X1

Torque Arsenal 8 X1

This premium half rack from Torque Fitness USA is the best half-rack choice for home installation because it has the highest quality and complete features. The package offered by PrimaFit, for example, includes a multi-grip pull up bar, catch bar, bar storage, plate storage, resistance band anchor, standard Olympic barbell, rubber weight set, and adjustable bench. By utilizing all these features, you can perform 1001 strength & cardio exercises including: Pull ups, squats, deadlifts, shoulder presses, bench presses, and more.

Torque Arsenal8 X1 is made with "Premium Steel" material and powder coated for long-term durability. Try the Torque rack directly at PrimaFit stores.

Low Squat Rack 5.0

Torque X-Gym : Low & High Squat Rack 5.0

Torque is a well-known fitness brand from the United States whose quality cannot be doubted. Torque Fitness released a new product for weightlifting fans, namely the X-Gym Low & High Squat Rack with a premium design and using quality materials. This rack emphasizes a clean look design on the front so there are no cavities or holes. All locking methods are on the inside of the rack which makes it easier for you to place the load on the right support.

High Squat Rack 5.0

This tool not only functions as a training tool for you to do weight lifting, but this tool can also function as a pull up with additional accessories from Torque Fitness, which are used to maximize performance and strength when you train.

Try the Torque rack in PrimaFit stores.

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